Wagner 450SE Airless Spray Gun

Wagner 450SE Airless Spray Gun
SKU: W/0199072

Wagner W450SE The top of the range model.

Suitable for painting the tiniest or the largest areas thanks to the flow regulation, achieved with 4-stage microchip electronics. An additional fine-flow regulator ensures that you always get an optimal spray pattern. For the application of the widest variety of spray materials such as e.g. paints, solvent based varnishes, disinfectants, cavity protection and undercoats.

Technical data:

4 stage electronic Power: 110W
Max delivery: 20-350 g/min
Max Spraying Pressure: 180 bar
Max Viscosity: 280 DIN - sec.
Paint Container Capacity: 800 ml
Piston and cylinder liner in tungsten carbide
Includes round nozzle 0.8mm for optimal spray pattern

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