Graco PRO Xs2 Electrostatic Gun

Graco PRO Xs2 Electrostatic Gun
SKU: GA/244399

Graco PRO Xs2 electrostatic gun allows air spray users to double their material savings, and HVLP users to achieve the finish quality and production speed of air spray. PRO Xs2 is the size and weight of a conventional air spray or HVLP gun and provides electrostatic spraying at a lower price point.

  1. SnapBack electrode for consistent alignment and extended durability
  2. Indexing air cap for easy operator installation
  3. AP2 air powered gun for easy installation without electrical connections
  4. Select Comfort Grip with smooth curved handle and optional grip sizes to improve operator comfort and reduce fatigue 
  • Max Pressure 100psi
  • Gun weight 668 grams
  • Recommended coating resistivity range 7 to 150 megohm-cm
  • Max voltage output 20 Kilovolts
  • Max fluid working temp 48C
  • Air inlet 1/4 NPSM
  • Fluid inlet 3/8-18 NPSM
  • Wetted parts polyethylene, stainless steel, nylon, acetal, PTFE, UHMWPE, fluoroelastomer, PEEK



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