Graco LineLazer IV 130HS - Two Gun Road Line Marker

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Graco LineLazer IV 130HS
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Graco LineLazer IV 130HS - Two Gun Road Line Marker

Hydraulic Driven Piston Pump

Max Tip Size:

0.037” 1 Gun

0.025” 2 Guns

Max Flow:

5.2 LPM

Max Pressure:

3300 PSI

Motor Size:

4.0 HP Honda Motor


24 Months

Graco (Australia & New Zealand) Approved Warranty

Standard Inclusions:

Two Guns, Hoses & Tips.

Product Shipping Dimensions and Weight

Length:1.88 Height:1.31 Width:1 m. Weight:167.829 KG

The LineLazer 130HS is a workhorse hydraulic airless striper for the most demanding pavement marking jobs. Materials sprayed are most heavy, low VOC, waterborne and rubberized traffic paints.

High-capacity cooling system features a 20% larger hydraulic fluid reservoir to keep the system running cool.

Innovative cooling fins wrap down and under the reservoir.

Cooling fan design delivers nearly 70% more air flow to the hydraulic pump.

Advanced vibration reduction system for up to 60% less vibration at the spray tip

Excellent belt alignment for longer belt life.

Surcharge may apply to delivery in remote areas, NT & Tas

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