2 Litre Atomex Pressure Pot With 2 Metre Hose

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2 Litre Atomex Pressure Pot With 2 Metre Twinned Hose Kit
SKU: AX/15-100-002
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Two litre alloy pressure pot with a 2 metre long twinned fluid and air hose.

  • Wide base for increased stability
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Convenient carry or hanging hook
  • Regulator
  • Pressure guage
  • Fluid outlet 3/8 inch
  • Air inlet and outlet 1/4 inch
  • Integral base plate to protect pot
  • Soft twinned air hose and translucent fluid line
  • Resusable hose fittings on supplied hose

Optionally add an Atomex 100 series or Atomex 200 series spray gun to complete your Atomex 2 litre pressure pot package using either of the selection boxes below.

Price: $222.64 including GST
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