ATOMEX HSP-10 Upgrade Deal 2

$465.00 including GST
ATOMEX X-35ET Tip30cm Gun Extension
SKU: AX/00-HSP-12
List Price: $0.00 including GST

The HSP-10 is the ultimate in value for money Airless Sprayer Packages. For DIY use only this machine will perform beyond your expectations. Package includes:

Max Tip Size: 0.015”
Max Flow: 1.10 LPM
Max Pressure: 3000 PSI
Motor Size: 650W
Warranty: 12 Months* Back to base
Weight Net: 9.7 kgs
Ship Weight: 10.7 kgs
Ship Dimensions: 36(L) x 36(W) x 45(H)
Standard Inclusions: 1 x Airless Spray Gun
1 x 415 Reversible Tip
1 x 7.5m Paint Hose
1 x User Manual

Upgrade Deal 2 includes the following items:

1 x Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer Package
1 x Atomex X-35ET 313 Economy Airless Spray Tip
1 x Atomex HSP 30cm Gun Extension

* Warranty is for DIY USE ONLY, Professional or Contractor Use Will VOID WARRANTY

Machine is ready to go right out of the box, simply slide on the suction hose, connect the paint hose with gun and start spraying. They work great!

FAQ's about the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer

1) Can the HSP-10 airless sprayer spray acrylic wall & ceiling paint? - Yes, the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer is designed specifically for spraying this type of paint, it will draw the paint directly from a 15 litre paint drum. You are not required to thin the paint but we do recommend stirring the paint thoroughly before spraying.

2) Can the HSP-10 airless sprayer spray oil based enamel paint? - Yes, the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer will easily spray oil based enamels, you will need to use a smaller tip and change the filter in the gun to a finer filter. Oil based enamel is easier to spray than water based acrylic, it just requires a smaller tip to reduce the flow of the paint, other wise you will get runs in the finish

3) Can the HSP-10 airless sprayer spray a roof? - The answer is simple - no! You will need to buy a larger machine.

4) How much work can the HSP-10 airless sprayer handle? - We have rated the use of the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer for between 4-6 full house repaints inside and out. The Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer is the best valued airless sprayer on the market in Australia and is less than the cost of two days hire of an airless sprayer from most hire companies.

5) Warranty? - The Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer has a 12 month warranty provided that the machine is not used for commercial purposes. Sorry professional painters, if you wish to purchase this machine for contracting use then the warranty will be void, you need to buy a machine such as the Atomex GM-20E Airless Sprayer or larger if you wish to paint commercially.

6) Additional Extra's Required - The Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer comes complete with 7.5m paint hose, airless spray gun and 415 tip. This will be suitable for spraying most water based acrylics, the only additional item we would suggest would be an Atomex X-35ET 515 airless spray tip. The X-35ET tips are made in the USA and give a far superior finish to the tip that is provided with the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer (The 415 tip provided with the Atomex HSP-10 Airless Sprayer is made in China). In addition to the spray tip you may also wish to buy an airless gun extension which can be used to spray high ceiling without using ladders or trestles.

Surcharge Applies to NT & Some Remote Areas!

Price: $465.00 including GST
Weight: 11 kg
Dimensions: 36 cm × 36 cm × 45 cm